About us

School Vision

Eagles is a new School with a different sophisticated vision, At Eagles, our emphasis is not only to teach curricula, but we provide a comprehensive system that combines a strong curriculum and a character-building system to inspire our students to be successful through Learning, Thinking, Trying,  Asking, and Achieving, to bring up the respectful character which is the main aspect of all. Our aim is to promote our united community through our high qualified, confident, responsible, honest, and tolerance students .

School Mission

Eagles School will provide new distinguish educational system that offers each student a high-quality education, where its administration is based on the partnership with parents and the community in order to achieve its goals. The school will be recognized for excellence in teaching and learning characterized by quality facilities, strong leadership, outstanding teachers and excellent community support.

School Core Value

At Eagles school we have a great value to our students which is :

#  Believing in ALLAH’ s ability and judgment.
# Treating each other as we expect to be treated.
# Having commitment to ourselves to each other and to our community.
# Demonstrating social responsibility and self-respect.
# Promoting a united community through being confident, responsible, honest, and tolerance.

School Philosophy

  • Many things have changed in our life and schools are not exceptions. A different kind of world requires a different kind of education; therefore all our efforts at school are being directed to make sure that the education received by our students, is relevant for the world today and tomorrow.
  • Our teachers will do their best to help their students to develop their skills for learning life and works to help them to secure and navigate life , and to link knowledge in one subject area to another helping them to understand the world , to think for themselves , make sounds judgment , challenge enquire and find solutions.